The ability for visual information to be captured and held within R2S makes it ideal for the management of remote assets both offshore and onshore.

From the onsite capture (including self-capture) of a wind turbine, water utility or pylon, the R2S data hub can be built from ground up, from, for example, site plans to contain unlimited layers of information.

As the projects build so do the benefits. As equipment is tagged experts from within the office can give guidance to the team on-site. The ability to mark-up areas of risk or familiarise individuals with the facility prior to arrival creates efficiencies and improved safety.

The advent of R2S AR provides tangible value on-site, digitally enabling those workers at the coal face the ability to access real time data from R2S; thus providing the team enhanced capability in the identification of equipment, inspection data and standard operating procedures.

These projects can then be used to train future team members through familiarisation or discussion scenarios.

R2S facilitates the maximisation of both new and existing data increasing capabilities and delivering value across the renewable sectors.